We are excited to announce our #150Fresh campaign! As Purple Cow continues to grow, we are identifying the most important aspects of being everyone’s favorite dispensary. With that in mind, of course flower freshness is top of mind for cannabis consumers.

150Fresh is our promise to monitor all flower freshness by tracking each strain’s harvest date. The freshest flower will be placed in its respective pricing tier. As days go by and flower becomes less fresh, we will discount strains that reach 120 days, and remove it completely once it reaches 150 days from the harvest date

We hope you’ll follow along and come try some what’s fresh on the bud bar 🌱 #countonfreshness #alwaysfreshnothingless

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Purple Cow is YOUR source for the freshest flower, with a great selection for both medical patients and recreational customers looking for Montana cannabis and CBD. Whether you’re an experienced buyer or first-time shopper, stop by and say hi – we’d love to help you!

A Conversation on Women’s Empowerment 

Meet Trista, founder of Empower BodyCare. We carry her delicious CBD bodycare products at Purple Cow and love not only the products, but the brand and what it stands for. In celebration of International Women’s Day we asked her a couple of questions. Read on to learn more about how you can incorporate self-care and empowerment into your days.

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